Keep your swimming pool looking its best

Due to the constant exposure to water, your pool's tiling, paving and brickwork can suffer from damages a lot sooner than your house would. Our swimming pool maintenance team in Surrey can provide periodic check ups to ensure that any signs of wear and tear are taken care of. You can also benefit from experienced and professional advice on how to keep the materials lasting for many more years to come with specialist applications and cleaning.

What can our team help you with?

• Swimming pool repairs

• Swimming pool maintenance

• Cleaning advice

• Water damage protection

• Periodic servicing and check-ups

• Experienced care

• Spot treatments and full surveys

• Affordable prices



If you've noticed any slabs, tiles or brickwork coming loose, you've come to the right people in Surrey for swimming pool repairs. Causing a trip hazard, loose materials can be dangerous and especially so without foot protection. At the first sign of trouble, get in touch with us for a fast response.

A hazard-free swimming pool

TAKE NOTE: The owner of Paving, Patios & Pools is Scuba Qualified to the level of Divemaster meaning pool repairs can take place underwater, eliminating the need to empty your pool, saving you time and money.



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